Sunday Service, May 4: A Flower Communion for our Children

May4FBIn the Pulpit: Rev. Darrell Berger
Kate Howard, R.E. Director
Elementary Group Children
Parents and Teachers

Our elementary kids have spent the year exploring World Religions and the 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles.  This morning, they will share highlights from their year and personal credos.   We will affirm their accomplishments with a Flower Communion.   Rev. Berger will offer a reflection on Norbert Capek who introduced the first Flower Communion in Czechoslovakia in 1923. Please bring a flower for the common vase.   We will exchange flowers during this special ritual.  You are invited to bring additional flowers for the children as a symbol of love and support.

All are welcome.  Service starts 10:45 a.m.
Nursery, Toddler Care, Sunday School.
312 Fillmore Street at Clinton Ave, one block east of Snug Harbor.


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