FREEDOM SEDER – Sunday April 13


This Sunday we will come together in Fellowship Hall
for our annual celebration of freedom – the UCSI Freedom Seder.

The Seder is a ritual meal celebrating the Jewish holiday of Passover,
commemorating the exodus of Jewish slaves from bondage in ancient Egypt.
Today, this ritual meal celebrates our personal freedom
and reminds us that all people are not free.
Today, around the globe – including in the USA –
up to 27 million men, women and children live as slaves.
We will take action and renew our dedication that,
in the words of the Seder, next year all people will be free.

Music by John Bostrom & Rob & Elle Landsman.
All are welcome.  The Seder starts at 10:45 a.m. and should be over by 12:30.
Nursery, Toddler Care, Sunday School.
312 Fillmore Street at Clinton Ave, one block east of Snug Harbor.


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