Sunday Service, February 2


In the Pulpit: Historian Debbie-Ann Paige


In 1852 two liberal christian congregations merged to create what would become the Unitarian Church of Staten Island.  The moving spirits behind this merger were nationally famous abolitionists some of whom are identified as participating in the Underground Railroad.  Was Richmond County a liberal bastion?  What about the African Americans living here?  Were they a part of this new church?


Debbie-Ann E. Paige, an award-winning historian of this period, and of Staten Island, has delved into the Sandy Ground archives and was recently given access to early records of the UCSI.  She will present her findings  and open a discussion at the current UCSI, a modern church in transition.


To enhance this trip to the past, all the music will be taken from the hymnal most likely used during that period, at least one person will be dressed in an authentic costume of that period and Abe Lincoln’s favorite cake will be served during coffee hour.


Debbie-Ann Paige has long had an interest in Staten Island complicated history of race, repression and violence, culminating in her master’s thesis “Slow Burn: the Incendiary Politics of Race and Violence in Antislavery Conflict and the Effects on the Civil War Draft Riots in Richmond County, NY, 1855-1865.” 


She has written and presented on the Underground Railroad, with special attention to Louis Napoleon’s efforts, and the activities of free women of color as they struggled for their race and their gender.

All are welcome.
Service begins 10:45 a.m.
Nursery/Toddler Care, Sunday School.
312 Fillmore Street at Clinton Ave, one block east of Snug Harbor.


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