CANCELLED! January Film Festival: Saturday Jan 11, 5:00 pm



This month’s films focus on two visual artists, William Kentridge and Paul CezanneWilliam Kentridge is a contemporary South African artist, who works in a variety of media including sculpture, drawing, animation, tapestry, film, theater, and opera.  His production of Shostakovich’s opera, The Nose, was recently reproduced at the Metropoliatan Opera.  Last year MOMA had a spectacular show of a variety of his work.

Paul Cezanne was one of the most influential painters in the history of art.  Picasso called him, “the father of us all,” and even now he continues to inspire artists around the world.  Yet he remained an enigmatic figure, devoted above all to his work and to his native Aix-en Provence region of France, until his death in 1906.

Sponsored by the Arts Program Committee.
Harvey Rosensfit, Event Coordinator

 Unitarian Church of Staten Island, 312 Fillmore Street, Staten Island


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