Butoh Movement Workshop on Sunday Evenings, Sept 22 to Nov 10

Florence Poulain

Butoh Artist Dancer Florence Poulain will lead the workshop at the Fellowship Hall of the Unitarian Church of Staten Island (UCSI) on Sunday evenings from September 22 until November at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  The workshop is sponsored by the UCSI Arts Program.

The cycle will end with a public performance early November. Non dancers and dancers of all kinds are welcome. Bring a notebook, a kitchen towel and wear comfortable clothes.

Butoh is a dance form developed in post World War II Japan as a rebellious art form against western influences. Influenced by traditional Japanese dance, it is an impulse dance that supports self-discovery and body release.

Florence Poulain, is Co-director of Deeptanks Arts Space. In 2012, Ms Poulain received a NYSCA – SPARC grant and worked with the seniors at the Stapleton Senior Center and in 2013 an Original Works grant (NYSCA) to develop a program at the LGBT center. She currently dances in the US and Mexico.

There is a suggested $5.00 donation for each session. For more information about the workshop contact florence.deeptanks@gmail.com or go to http://deeptanks.com  For more information about the UCSI Arts Program go to http://www.unitarianchurchofstatenisland.org/arts_draft.htm


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