Children’s Religious Exploration Programming 2013-2014

Kate Howard Religious Exploration Coordinator

Kate Howard
Religious Exploration Coordinator

It’s almost time for another exciting year of Religious Exploration classes for children and youth! We look forward to welcoming new families and reuniting with returning families. Our website will be updated soon, but here is a sneak preview of our exciting plans.

Early Childhood Room (6 months – 4 years)
We provide a nurturing caregiver who is available in the Early Childhood Room every Sunday. Activities may include story time, free play, and arts and crafts. Drop off and transition time begins at 10:30 am to give children time to separate comfortably before the upstairs service begins.

Seekers (K-2nd Grade)owl-logo-
In the fall, we will offer this age group an 8 session Our Whole Lives: Sexuality Education class which helps parents educate their child about birth, babies, bodies, and all types of families. The program uses songs, stories, activities and at-home projects that promote family dialogue.

In the spring, we will offer Age of Reason by Layne Richard-Hammock. This curriculum gives the children an opportunity to explore how our seven UU principles relate to their daily lives. The program is intended to provide young people with a special rite of passage where they are invited to develop a credo statement of their current spiritual beliefs and share them with the UUAge of Reasoncongregation during a Sunday service.

Explorers (3rd-6th grade)
This group will be discovering The Simpsons (a UU perspective — Personal Spiritual Growth and World Religions) by Susan Caldwell, Patti Withers and Karen Hager. This is an exciting curriculum that explores how different religions and ethics are portrayed in popular culture while pulling out distinctly UU values like respecting individual differences and the search for truth and meaning in our world. Each class will watch a full episode and explore various themes through discussion, keeping a journal and related activities.

diversityTogether, Seekers and Explorers will participate in multiple sessions of the curriculum World Religions by Katie Covey starting in December and continuing until March 2014. Unitarian Universalists list “wisdom from the world’s religions…” as one of the sources of our living tradition. The children will listen to stories from different faiths and participate in related hands-on activities that help them begin a journey of understanding, tolerance and celebration for the diversity of human expressions of faith.

Teen Youth Group (7th-12th grade)
This year our youth will meet on selected Friday evenings to engage in the program UU Popcorn Theology for Youth: Exploring Ethics Through Film by Michele Richards. Using popular films, youth will explore how the choices we make affect our lives and the lives of others, how the search for truth and meaning is a matter of perspective, and how our beliefs can help us answer our questions, seek answers, and deal with the trials of life.

The group will meet twice a month on Sunday afternoons to plan service US200909-064activities, trips, and projects including Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Day and hosting a possible District Youth Conference. The group will raise funds to go to the Heifer International Overlook Farm in Rutland, MA and participate in their Global Village program. The youth will get a unique first-hand experience and explore the challenges surrounding hunger and poverty around the world.


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