New Door for the Fellowship Hall!

Here is our beautiful new door made by UCSI member, Johnny Mohr.  A master carpenter and new member, Johnny volunteered to make the door for the Fellowship Hall to replace the dreadfully inadequate double doors that used to impede easy access to the building. Anybody who’s tried to squeeze in through one open side of those doors with packages in hand, knows just what I’m talking about!

David Lagville took these great shots at our annual Spring clean up day. So thank you Johnny, for your beautiful and functional addition to our church buildings.

CIMG0755ei Johnny with doors copy

Here’s Johnny hanging the new door.  The dreaded former doors can bee seen leaning against the building.  Below, admiring his handiwork are (l. to r.) Rev Susan Karlson, Andrea Langlais, Rafael Martinez-Perez, and Tom Seluga (lower right).

CIMG0747e admiring the door 72 dpi





2 responses to “New Door for the Fellowship Hall!


    great!!!!! a needed change!!!!!

  2. Can I Hear a “Alleluia” ?

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