Update on Sandy Recovery Part II by Rev. Susan Karlson

11 28 12 bud at guyon rescue

I visited Guyon Rescue this past week to deliver some needed donations and to meet with Lenny who I have been working with the past few weeks.  Guyon Rescue (GuyonRescue.org) was formed out of the yearnings of four friends who saw a need and felt the need to respond to all the suffering in their community.  They opened up a site at the VFW post on Mill Rd.  They have an extensive well organized store downstairs and container cargoes full of much needed donations like cleaning supplies, shovels, rakes, sledgehammers, contractor bags, hygiene, toiletries, hand warmers, sterno and other items .  They have one half of a tractor trailer full of pet food so if anyone knows of a place that can distribute pet food to those in need after Sandy, please contact them (please do not send them anymore pet food–they want to get it to people who need it).  Guyon Rescue, as most of these sites, also give out hot meals for those in the area who need it.

Shown in one photo is Bud who came from Ohio near the time Sandy approached.  He stayed and is at Guyon Rescue every day, all day and into the night.  I did not take a photo of Lenny, Derek and all of the other volunteers that I met last night who unloaded a large tractor trailer full from 3 counties from the Eastern Shore of Maryland for over 3 hours.  While the men unloaded, the women sorted items in the store downstairs.  This photo was taken before that large shipment was sent by kind folks from Maryland.

2012-11-28 guyon rescue

2012-11-28 # 1 problem after Sandy  mold

This photo is not intended to advertise this company at all. It is a statement about the pervasive and serious problem we have here on Staten Island and all areas devastated by Sandy are having with the mold that is growing in houses with yellow tags, not to be completely demolished but places where mold is growing to unbelievable degrees.


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