Sandy Relief Update

The Unitarian Church of Staten Island (UCSI) continues coordinating relief efforts but is no longer receiving donations of relief goods. Please do not bring relief items to the Church.  Please contact Rev. Susan Karlson by email at or by phone at 718-447-2204 for information about where to direct these donations.

Staten Island entered another phase of relief efforts when demolition started last week in full force. The UCSI  has one major site that we funnel donations to.   Currently, relief donations are increasingly transitioning to gift cards. We have gift cards you can purchase for grocery stores that include Stop and Shop.  You can purchase them here  in $25,  50 and 100 amounts. There is a  Costco on Staten Island, but no Walmart.

Other helpful gift cards are for gas, Target, Lowe’s and Home Depot and other area stores. There are some gift cards that have policies for charitable donations.

Please check with the individual companies or Google charitable giving by gift cards. Contact Rev. Karlson when you are ready to donate and please e mail the specific account numbers of each card. The site we are working with is keeping a record of donations now for accountability.

We can direct you to our partners for drop off of relief items that are still needed. The South Shore still needs heavy tools like sledge hammers, crowbars, hammers, rakes, shovels, construction masks, disinfectant, and bleach. Medical supplies are also needed. We can direct you to our partners for drop off of these items.

We here on Staten Island cannot express our gratitude enough for all the wide community support we are receiving across the country. In this season of giving thanks, it is so abundantly clear that we are all interconnected in myriad ways.

Blessings and gratitude,
Rev. Susan Karlson
Minister, Unitarian Church of Staten Island


2 responses to “Sandy Relief Update

  1. Jim Anderson and Mark Nilsson

    My buddy and I from NW Florida would like to come to Staten Island to volunteer in the cleanup effort. Is there still a need for labor, and if so couold you put us in touch with an agency to coordinate with as far as what is needed, time franes, etc? Thanks and God Bless.
    Jim Anderson

  2. We are coming to New York to have Thanksgiving with our children on Manhattan Island. With their neighbors on Staten Island and the Rockaways still in need, we don’t feel we can just treat life as usual. We ourselves are from an island, Vashon Island in the Puget Sound of Washington State, with a wonderful UU Fellowship. We understand the special nature of “islandness”. We want to find what we can do to be helpful during our visit, and perhaps to involve our family on Manhattan as well. Any ideas? At the least, we may be able to join you for Sunday worship on Nov 25. Our hearts are with you.

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