Donations for Sandy/Nor’easter Relief


The following is a current list of donations needed at the two sites we mostly work with.

Heavy tarps and heavy rope.
Sterno to keep food warm.
Cleaning supplies such as bleach, contractor bags, batteries, lights like flashlights or enclosed candles and matches. Disinfectants, sponges, mops, shovels, rakes, sledgehammers, crowbars, contracting masks (for construction).
Backpacks, school supplies (may be short term but needed today).
Medical supplies like nyquil, nasal spray, cough syrup, aspirin, neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, bandaids, Q-tips.
Dry new socks and underwear for the storm and rain gear. Toiletries, toothbrushes and toothpaste and feminine hygiene products.
Non-perishable food items.
Diapers, wipes.
Hand lotion and hand sanitizer.
Paper products, toilet paper.
Rubber boots, today—jackets, hats, gloves, hand warmers or the little packets you put in gloves.


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