Donations for Sandy/Nor’easter Relief


The following is a current list of donations needed at the two sites we mostly work with.

Heavy tarps and heavy rope.
Sterno to keep food warm.
Cleaning supplies such as bleach, contractor bags, batteries, lights like flashlights or enclosed candles and matches. Disinfectants, sponges, mops, shovels, rakes, sledgehammers, crowbars, contracting masks (for construction).
Backpacks, school supplies (may be short term but needed today).
Medical supplies like nyquil, nasal spray, cough syrup, aspirin, neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, bandaids, Q-tips.
Dry new socks and underwear for the storm and rain gear. Toiletries, toothbrushes and toothpaste and feminine hygiene products.
Non-perishable food items.
Diapers, wipes.
Hand lotion and hand sanitizer.
Paper products, toilet paper.
Rubber boots, today—jackets, hats, gloves, hand warmers or the little packets you put in gloves.


7 responses to “Donations for Sandy/Nor’easter Relief

  1. we are a bookstore in Connecticut that would like to help
    Are these still the supplies needed? if we rent a truck is there a day or time that works better for delivery?
    I can be contacted at 12032453959 or 12033763311 Roxanne Coady

    • Dear Roxanne,
      Most of these supplies are still needed. If you call 347 466 0864, we can help coordinate
      a delivery over to the South Shore. What we do is find out what you have, call the sites,
      confirm they need those items and can receive them and then give you the contact info.
      we are on the north shore and most things go to the South Shore or we find drivers over there.
      If you contact 347 466-0864 we can help arrange this and a day and time that will work for all.
      again, Roxanne, thanks so much for your care, compassion and generosity. I think they don’t need as much
      of the tarps and heavy rope.
      be well,
      Rev. Susan

  2. Hi Roxanne, I passed your message and phone numbers along to Rev. Craig Hershberg who is working with Rev. Karlson at the UCSI on relief efforts. She will contact you with information concerning which supplies are most needed and to which relief center they should be directed. Thank you so much for your interest, Ruth Benson, UCSI Webmaster

  3. We are a family in Westchester who would like to bring supplies and help out on Staten Island in some way on Sunday 11/11. Can you also let us know if these are still the supplies most needed and if there is an opportunity for a family including a 14-yr-old and 11-yr-old to volunteer for a day in your community?
    Jennifer Poux 914-325-9917 or

  4. Jennifer, contact 347 466-0864 and we can coordinate. blessings for all your generosity. the supplies at the top of the page are most urgently needed as of the 7th except they may not need the heavy tarp and rope
    Rev. Susan Karlson

  5. Maria Stoyanovsky

    Good Evening-

    The company I work for has collected a large amount of supplies that we would like to donate, the only problem being that we can not bring them until a bit later in the evening around 7/8PM would that still be alright to bring by our collections? Please let me know!


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