We’re Here to Help: Note From Rev. Susan on Hurricane Sandy

Dear Friends of the Unitarian Church of Staten Island:

As the minister and officers of the Unitarian Church of Staten Island, we have opened the doors of the church to people who have dropped by to check in, recharge their phones, connect to the internet, warm up some mac and cheese and as of late, to take a shower.  Both Alan, my spouse, and I feel that this is one way we can be of service to people still feeling the effects of Sandy.

Please call me at (347) 466-0864 before you come over. We are not planning on going far but I may visit a few people today and restock some food and drinks in case people come over and need a little nurture and sustenance.

I have also decided to hold the service this Sunday on healing and the importance of community in emergencies (“After the Hurricane”, a meditation by a Unitarian Universalist minister (Jane Ellen Mauldin) after Hurricane Andrew struck the Gulf Coast, will form the reading).  It will be quite beautiful and offer you a chance to light candles of hope and concern.  Perhaps, we might consider together how we might plan in the future to minister to one another during the next storm.  The Service on Generosity will come later the first Sunday in December.  Stay well and safe–until we see one another again!



5 responses to “We’re Here to Help: Note From Rev. Susan on Hurricane Sandy

  1. Rev. Susan,
    Is it correct that your church is a drop off location for people affected by the hurricane? If so, would this be an appropriate place in which to mail a box, maybe two, of items such as warm clothes, sheets, toiletries, large garbage bags. I live in New Mexico, and if I mailed it tomorrow it may arrive by the end of the week.
    Please help me figure out where to mail my donation. I would really appreciate it. I’ve already donated to the Red Cross, but I’m sitting down here dry and warm in a drought in the desert with many things in my cabinets and closets that your area needs, and I want to help. Thanks so much.

    Diane Quam
    Alamogordo, NM
    575 446 8775

  2. Do you have an address that may be collecting items such as blankets, flashlights, toiletries, etc. that we can mail to for distribution? When I lived in south Louisiana during hurricane Katrina, my artist friends from all over the Nation sent me donated items that I then distributed to shelters. Is your infrastructure in place in order to do this? I will gladly begin to collect lighterweight items to send by mail, if packages are able to get through.

    Debbie Cannatella
    UU Church of Corpus Christi

  3. Thanks so much for thinking of us!

    You can mail donations to:
    Unitarian Church of Staten Island
    312 Fillmore Street
    Staten Island, NY 10301

    Here is a message from Rev. Karlson:

    Yes, it’s true that we are a donation site. We are getting many donations from all over and distributing them to people in need on the other side of the Island. Things change rapidly–what is needed now may not be as much of a need later.

    Some of the churches here on the South Shore are asking for cash or checks. I hear that you have things you want to donate.primarily, as of this evening, they need batteries, flashlights, baby food, diapers, infant formula, non perishable food, water, toiletries, cleaning supplies, tools and other miscellaneous needs. Many of these will be hard for you to send and package from New Mexico or Texas so the greatest need would
    be for monetary donations but if you want to pack up some items, I am sure we can find a good home for them. Please DO NOT SEND warm clothes
    however–they are saturated with those at present, at least for now. They also don’t have a big need for blankets which may change but is not a current need.

    I hope this helps and please know that your big heart is much appreciated and we welcome your donations and warm thoughts and prayers from sunny New Mexico and Texas.

    Blessings and gratitude,

    Rev. Susan

  4. Can additional help be used for rebuilding? My husband is a contractor in upstate ny. How can we donate our time?

  5. Please contact Rev. Susan Karlson on her cell phone 347-466-0864. The church is no longer taking relief donations, but rather connecting donors with service organizations that are continuing to extend help in areas still ravaged by the storms.

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