Feels Like It’s Time for a Cup of Fair Trade Coffee!

We Unitarians love our coffee hour – it is the central unifying social activity of our congregation.

But we can do so much more with our love of coffee! We can recommit to supporting our Fair Trade Coffee Program, which goes far beyond just coffee. We have chocolate bars. And wonderful Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Palestine. Soon there will be delicious fruity/nutty Geobars.

There are a couple of reasons to support our Fair Trade program. Fairly traded coffee eliminates the corporation, the marketer, the retailer and the fancy schmancy advertising. Consequently, by cutting out these entities, small farmers can be paid a fair price for their products; they can afford to pay for the basic needs of their families, to invest in the well-being of their communities, and ensure the long-term growth of their businesses.

And the other reason is that it is a FUND RAISING tool for our church! Why give that marginal profit to Trader Joe’s when you can do good for the UCSI by supporting our Fair Trade Program?

So while you’re enjoying your Fair Trade Coffee at the coffee hour, pick up a package of your favorite blend, or your favorite chocolate bar.


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