Monthly Soulful Sundown gatherings


Pictured is the team who are organizing the Soulful Sundown events:
(l to r) Front: Athena Huckaby, Rev. Susan Karlson, Wilder Selzer
In the Back: Annette Mae Pierce and Kristin Nawrocki.
Photo by Ruth Benson

Soulful Sundowns are not church services per se.

They are forums for participating with a group of incredibly passionate, socially conscious and engaged young adults on Staten Island who invite you to explore and experience relelvent issues within the social justice-oriented framework of liberal Unitarian Universalist principles.

This unique and creative event catering to young adults will begin on September 23rd, 2012, and is scheduled to take place one Sunday per month at 5:00 p.m. in the Church Sanctuary.

A diverse range of topics will be presented and experienced from an artistic perspective, with a voice and aesthetic that resonates with younger generations. Topics will include such subjects as permaculture, mental health, transgender equality, feminism, race, food politics, education, classism and immigration.

 Guest Artists and Participatory Events

In addition, we are thrilled to feature guest artists from our UU community as well; everyone from visual artists, performance artists, bands, poets, photographers, dancers, filmmakers and dj’s. There will be participatory art installations and projects to encourage a sense of immediacy and community, as well as musicians interspersed with the dynamic speakers and panels we host.

This fellowship does not involve sitting reverently and listening to a sermon but participating if one should so choose; roaming, clustering, dancing and interacting. Refreshments will be served.

We look forward to galvanizing the many great young thinkers and activists in Staten Island in this forum and in doing so, inspiring loving, conscious action in the wider Staten Island community.

See Athena Huckaby’s guest commentary on Susan Karlson’s blog, Preview of Soulful Sundown

For more information email: soulfulsundown – at –


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